EmpowerHER Collaborations

Collaborating with women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s is truly one of my favorite endeavors. Together, we can achieve incredible things—whether through podcasts, articles, magazines, or the camaraderie of silver sisters and social curators. Explore various collaboration opportunities, including sponsored social media posts, blog entries, videos, newsletter sponsorships, brand partnerships, retreats, speaker engagements, and charity or event hosting. For rates and collaboration details, please email me.

Elevate Your Brand With Me

I take great joy in partnering with brands that champion women. My readers are intelligent, well-educated, and actively seeking authentic solutions. Within my dedicated wellness audience, trust and reliability are paramount, making their interest in recommendations from me a constant.

If you have a wellness, beauty, lifestyle, health, or fashion product or service that aligns with the lifestyle of my audience, send it over for review. My objective is to share the love and uplift fellow successful entrepreneurs dedicated to supporting women, including brand partnerships where I am compensated.

Charity, Donation, or Gifting:

Following a thorough review of your product, if it resonates as a good fit to support my audience, my team will be in contact with you.


Join our Group of Entrepreneurial Women

Are you interested in joining Julie and other entrepreneurial women? Whether you’re seeking extra laughter, income, or connection in your life, working with women brings joy, community, and fun into our lives.

Click the link, answer a few questions, and someone will promptly get back to you. Let’s create something wonderful together! 

“I was looking for a community as an empty nester. Now a consultant, I have been supporting other women sharing healthy ways to level up and enhance their wellness and lifestyle while adding to my income.” NB

“I love being part of a community of women focused on wellness. Grieving the loss of my husband has not been easy and now I have a new outlook on life slowly filling my cup in a positive group, meeting wonderful women.” WC