Gems of Wisdom

Gems and crystals that support your soul

Crystals, gems, and minerals can help balance and support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually by bringing your systems back to a natural rhythm.

Our physical and emotional body systems are essentially energy that shows up in different patterns. And in nature’s divine reciprocity, stones and crystals are also made up of energy and patterns that support our system.

Crystals have been studied to have the most stable form of matter in the universe, they are forged through a high pressure that creates this dense energy. Most importantly, crystals are alive and can shift the human energy field in the body; just like the cells in the body vibrate, so does crystal and gem energy. The crystal vibration interacts with our body and can aleviate emotional, mental, and physical stress.

I have personally chosen these gems and crystals to support you. Each piece has a message attached describing how it can support your body and soul.

Julie McAfee