At the women gatherings we awaken the sacred feminine and tap into a deep remembrance of ancient wisdom that sits in our hearts.  When you return home to your authentic self, your soul; you are held tenderly with an essence of grace, liberation, courage, and transparency.  From that day forward you know you are divinely guided in your evolution.  You are conscious and carry yourself a little differently through your day; with confidence, majesty, elegance and grace.  You feel supported after experiencing this deep level of transformation together in Sisterhood and know it has shifted your life forever.   Some of the sacred tools that are practiced here have been used for thousands of years and some are new.  Join us in June for the Sacred Temple Gathering of Sisterhood (invitation only) or the Women's Transformational Retreat in September, we would love to have you join us.

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Women Gatherings - My Sacred Heart Offering

Welcome, these gatherings are my heart's offering to bring women together from around the world.  I am passionate and committed to truth, growth, empowerment and transformation as we journey this path together.  One of my soul's purpose is creating sacred space for people to embody their soul's true essence and assist in the reawakening of your unique gifts.  We all have internal wisdom and knowledge that we are being called upon to use so that we can fully blossom and live in magnificence. As we dive deep, this divine sacred wisdom becomes embodied...a heart-centered feminine power that both balances and honors the masculine and feminine natures.  Bringing women together creates a synergy of the masculine & feminine nature and subsequently creates an energy that nurtures courage,  liberation and freedom.  Allowing you to bring your life's purpose to the world.   Women gathering to connect and then create from their authentic souls is powerful…and has been documented through history although not in the mainstream media.  But I have seen firsthand how powerful these connections are and even the Dalai Lama was quoted as saying ~ “The world will be saved by the western woman”.


The Women's Transformational Retreat  Sept. 21st-25th, 2017

Join us in this sacred gathering of women to elevate the radiant goddess within. Nourish your divine soul with the gift of self love and joy.  We invite you to cherish yourself and bath in your true essence.  At this magnificent retreat, you will gain tools to navigate your daily life with ease, grace, and courage; while creating abundance upon your path. You will learn to trust your inner guidance; listening to your own feminine and masculine wisdom by tapping deeper into your radiant essence.  You will embrace yourself in ways you never thought imaginable. By saying YES you are rising into communion with women that like you desire a life of beauty, authenticity, and abundance.

What's included:
+  2 one-on-one private sessions with Julie before the gathering to prepare you for a deeper level of transformation
+ 4 nights in a beautiful property overlooking the San Juan mountains.
+ Catered, organic cuisine will be prepared from a beautiful on-site garden and will be served for most of our meals
+ Yoga & Breath, these powerful practices of transformation include ancient yogic techniques, as well as current evolutionary practices to create a clear path for the individual.  You will cultivate energy and stillness at the same time experiencing tools to practice at home.
+ Shamanic ritual work will be guided by a leader in her field.  These sessions are a powerful and unique blend of energetic and physical body deepened by the ancient tools of wisdom.
+Opening to the Light meditation.
+Horseback Riding and and introduction to EGE (Equine Guided Education)
+Massage and energetic support for integration of the tools we learn during the retreat…Individual sessions can include reflexology, aromas sage, acupressure, acupuncture, energetic cord cutting, tuning forks and deep release work through vibratory sounding.
+ DNA Activation, activating the youth and vitality chromosome of self realization.
+ Work with essential oils that have been hand picked by Julie to support you to continually be graced with the sweet, potent nature of all that is.

+ Release subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from true alignment with your highest self.
+ Detoxify physically and mentally through conscious eating and communication.
+  Transform judgment into compassion and scarcity into abundance.
+ Attract healthy relationships by tapping into your divine essence.
+  Nurture your soul through creative expression in a safe and sacred environment.
+  Sisterhood with like-minded women.

This annual retreat is limited to 17 women and fills fast.  If you are a YES and ready to register today to reserve your spot below.
Early bird $2,800.00 ends July 25th, full price $3,500.

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Transformational Retreat Survey

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The Transformational Women's Retreat was "life changing" and truly transforming! I arrived as a sleep deprived, malnourished, anxiety ridden and spiritually depleted woman and left a rejuvenated, self-accepting, empowered and peaceful goddess! I think it was the beautiful combination of being in nature, surrounded by supportive women, being nourished with healthy meals, guided with inspiring yoga teachers, and encouraged by a Priestess, Julie McAfee to let go of personal "obstacles" that no longer serve our "higher good" and soul essence that changed my life. Thank you Julie McAfee! I will never be the same! Thank God!