Empowerment Tools

These three Empowerment tools will support you in all areas of your life.

May it be in your personal life or business you will develop skills that will support your vitality.  You will deepen your relationship with self as you cultivate your source energy from leaking or being taken by others.  You will stand in your truth and power.  When negative emotional triggers come your way instead of spiraling down and feeling stuck, "again and again", you will have the tools to stay in your power.  With practice, you will notice an ease, grace and flow you did not have before.  These simple tools will change your life, work with them, play with them and notice your life shifting into an empowerment you have never known before.

I invite you today to take this step into empowerment you have never known before.

Email me to learn more: julie.mcafee@gmail.com

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My session with Julie McAfee was less verbal than the traditional coaching meetings I have had in the past. TheTheta healing technique guides you into your deepest beliefs and memories, which you have the choice of whether or not to verbalize during the session. I am quite verbal, and so found myself opening up and sharing stories from my childhood that I had been wanting to express for a long time– that I’ve always felt were so core to my issues, but too hard to talk about. We then isolated and simplified, without analyzing, the key beliefs surrounding the trauma (e.g. I’m unworthy) that need to be released; and identified new mantras to replace them.

This process can also be helpful for people who do not have the words to articulate a particular trauma, whether because the memory is foggy (or genetic in origin), or the experience too painful or shameful. It allows you to go inside to the pain yourself without having to necessarily share the particular memory or experience with someone else. The healing happens within. It is a powerful technique for shedding light into where there was previously fear and darkness.

Amanda Green, dinklingpublishing.com
Amanda I. Greene, Children’s Book Author & Founder of D’inkling Publishing