People don’t need to be saved or rescued. They need knowledge of their own power and how to access it.

Julie McAfee

Julie McAfee is a vibrant and radiant woman who works internationally as a catalyst to transform thousands of men and women in their daily lives. She specializes in supporting visionary entrepreneurs, leaders, and those being called towards self-mastery in all aspects of their life.

She helps people take back their power and step into their truth and gifts by overcoming fears, releasing old programs, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve them.  Julie’s clients have noted that they can then begin to trust and re-awaken their intuitive intelligence, wisdom and divine essence;  allowing them to consciously create their reality with clarity, grace and ease.  This embodied confidence allows for expansion in all areas of life.

"She will empower you, support you in activating your powerful wisdom, nature and knowledge to create your highest potential." - C.R.


Today, I have been deepening my divine feminine leadership role in the world working with both men and women,  consciously living my life with grace, compassion and intention.  I have aligned myself with my true purpose now by working directly with Source, channeling information to raise the vibration of earth and being the witness assisting others to reclaim their own divine purpose.  I am a women of sacred soul wisdom and I am here to assist you in blossoming too ~ Wisdom that is inside of YOU right now….. Wisdom that you can access if you just say YES.

My Journey

How did I get to where I am today…..WELL just half a decade ago, I hit a rock-bottom coming from a background as a real-estate agent earning six-figures, I fell into shame as my family went through the most financially challenging phase we had ever experienced. At my lowest point, I found myself looking for coins in between car seats in my car to buy groceries, not driving our car with no gas in it, even being locked out of our home as it went in and out of foreclosure…and then my friends anonymously donated groceries and children's clothing in front of my door, with money tucked into the clothing pockets. I couldn’t believe this was my life. What had happened what could happen next…..well I found out I was pregnant—completely unplanned!—and that thrust me back into the old, conditioned patterns of fear, overwhelm, survival, terror, and disbelief that the Universe had my back.

I felt that I had fallen out of my body and that was when I heard my inner voice and could no longer ignore my calling, to go back into the work I so desired as a child, the calling I had dabbled back into after receiving my BA degree and again my calling after all of this evolutionary process of intensity…

Miraculously, through a series of ancient tools, ThetaHealing, DNA Activation, Brain Wave Meditation and subconscious reprograming, I began to find my way back—to my souls truth.  I soon learned that I had to take responsibility for my experiences and learned that these ancestral and karmic threads where releasing not only from this life but from many others.  After removing so many of the veils, the baggage, the static, struggle and no longer re activating any past dramas in my life MY WORLD BLOSSOMED.  December 2012, the new paradigm, my kundalini rising of the sacred feminine continued to shed layers of skin, as if a snake, and I discovered my Soul’s essence.  My wisdom flowered and my gifts of bringing information in from galactic sources through channeling.  I have embodied being more discerning with where I place my energy and I am an open vessel for creativity, collaboration and sisterhood. I celebrate the gifts of compassion, discernment, gratitude, joy, pleasure, authenticity, soul embodiment, and sacred service in the beautiful web of life.